SB6.0 Digital Conference Registration Open Now

Unable to travel to London for SB6.0?  Didn’t register before the conference filled up?

Digital ConferenceThe SB6.0 Digital Conference will provide high-quality professional videos of all three days of conference sessions.

See the conference sessions online two ways:

1) Access videos of the plenary sessions live online, while the conference is taking place – for free.

2) Within hours of each session, edited professional videos that include additional information from the session, such as links to referenced websites and papers etc., will be available online for viewing at your convenience.  You must register for this portion of the SB6.0 Digital Conference.  The fee is $199.

Once registered, you will receive a personalized access code that you can use to view the videos on up to two devices. Videos will be viewable online only and will not be available for download or sharing. You will be able to view the same videos an unlimited number of times on the same devices.

If you have already registered for the live conference in London, you’ll receive a code for the Digital Conference three weeks before the event.

Don’t miss out on SB6.0!

Register now!

Digital Conference FAQ’s:

Q: How much is access to the digital conference?
A: $199

Q: Can I watch the live stream of the sessions for free?
A: Yes! The live stream of the sessions is free.  If you want to view the higher quality edited sessions that will be posted within a few hours of each session you must register.

Q: I am registered for the SB6.0 in London, can I watch the sessions again online at home after the conference?
A:  Yes!  You will be provided with an access code so you can watch the sessions again when you get home.  You will receive your access code three weeks before the conference.

Q: What is the difference between the live stream that I get for free and the videos that will be posted later that I must register to see?
A: The live stream will be a static shot of the speakers that will be live streamed as it happens.  The edited videos posted later will be high-quality and have more than one camera angle that includes a view of what is on the screen in the room; links to papers and websites etc. referenced in the session; and any other extras that are in the session that can be included in the video.  These videos will offer a fuller experience closer to being there.

Q: How many computers can I view the conference from?
A: You can access the conference videos from up to 2 devices, for example, your work computer and your home computer.  If you try to access from a third device you will not be able to.

Q: Can I save the videos to my computer to watch later or to share with my colleagues?
A: No.  Videos will be available online only and cannot be saved or shared.

Q: Will all the sessions be recorded?
A: All sessions in the Great Hall will be recorded and available for viewing online.  The afternoon sessions from 2 to 4 pm (14:00h to 16:00h) that take place in break-out rooms will not be available online.

Register now!

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