Strategic Partners


Logo: AddgeneThe BBF is partnering with Addgene to distribute plasmids that have been contributed under the BioBrick™ Public Agreement.  Check out the BPA-contributed plasmids available at Addgene here. To learn more, check out Addgene’s interview with BBF’s President, Drew Endy.

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation (TBEF)

BioBuilder Foundation logoThe BBF works strategically with The BioBuilder Educational Foundation, the creators of BioBuilder®, an open-access website offering informative animations and activities for anyone who wants to teach or learn about synthetic biology.


iGEM LogoThe BBF works strategically with iGEM, the premiere undergraduate synbio competition, started at MIT in 2003 by Randy Rettberg, Tom Knight, and Drew Endy, and now drawing 180 student teams who use existing and newly created BioBrick™ parts to build biological systems and operate them in living cells.


iGEM LogoThe BBF enjoys a close partnership with Synberc, a consortium of synthetic biology leaders at UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, whose mission is to make biology safer and easier to engineer.