Let’s unite science, law, policy, business, and the public

The BBF works on four focus areas. These are

  1. Technology,
  2. Law,
  3. Education, and the
  4. Global Community.

We address these focus areas through three main programs:

  1. Technical Program,
  2. SBx.0 Conference Series, and
  3. Education Program.

The BBF is the world leader in developing and promoting technical standards for synthetic biological parts, in building and protecting a commons of foundational biotechnologies, and in educating and supporting a vibrant community of biological engineers.

SynBio presents powerful new knowledge about life.

In 2011, we created the BioBrick™ Public Agreement (BPA), the world’s first legal tool that enables free exchange and use of standard biological parts. BIOFAB, our first professional research collaboration, has produced reliable, standardized biological parts that constitute a free operating system for biotechnology. In addition, we manage OpenWetWare (OWW), an open-source wiki that facilitates teaching, learning, and sharing. Last but not least, the BBF is the presenter of the SBx.0 Conference series, the world’s largest synthetic biology conference.