SBx.0 Conference Series

The BioBricks Foundation Synthetic Biology Conference Series (SBx.0 Conference Series) is the preeminent academic meeting in the field of synthetic biology and has hosted over 3,000 attendees from 31 countries since its inception as SB1.0 in 2004.

SBx.0 brings synbio researchers together from all over the world.

Our most recent conference, BioBricks Foundation SB6.0: The Sixth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology, took place July 9-11, 2013 on the campus of Imperial College London. This was our most substantial and influential conference yet in the series and one that demonstrates the growing need for a significant international conference in synthetic biology.

SB6.0 built on the past successes of the SB conferences hosted at the following institutions: MIT (SB1.0), University of California, Berkeley (SB2.0), ETH, Zurich (SB3.0), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (SB4.0), and Stanford University (SB5.0). SB6.0 drew 700+ attendees from around the world.

After hard work, it is great to relax with your friends.

SB6.0 was the first time in over two years that an open and self-defined global community came together to share, consider, debate, and plan efforts to understand life via building, to make biology easier to engineer, and to work together so that the ramifications of such efforts are most likely to benefit all people and the planet.