BioBrick™ Email Discussion Lists

Click the link below to access our BioBrick™ Online Discussion Groups.

Through its BioBrick™ Email Discussion Lists, the BioBricks Foundation enables members of the scientific and engineering communities to engage in lively debate and discourse on subjects at the cutting edge of the field of synthetic biology. The moderated lists cover a wide range of subjects in the field.

The BBF maintains four email-based discussion lists. If you are interested in discussing or helping with a topic, please subscribe yourself. If you can’t stand the discussion, you can also unsubscribe yourself. The four discussion lists are:

  • Volunteer — Help with the workings, strategy, and leadership of the BBF.
  • Technical Standards — Share and discuss details of the open technical standards setting process that defines BioBrick™ standard biological parts.
  • Legal — Develop and discuss the legal scheme used to keep BioBricks parts free to study, use, and modify.
  • SB5.0 — Help organize and participate in SB5.0, the Fifth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology.