May 2006

BioBricks Foundation established as public benefit organization

April 2007

BBF hosts OpenWetWare for over 100 labs from 40 institutions


BBF organizes SB4.0 conference in Hong Kong
BBF Request for Comment (RFC) process launched

October 2009

BioBrickĀ® Public Agreement (BPA) version 1.0 released for public comment

January 2010

The first biological design-build facility co-directed by BBF founder Drew Endy

June 2011

BBF hosts SB5.0 at Stanford University.
Gingko BioWorks contributes first part under BPAv1.0

June 2013

Champion of Change awarded to BBF founder Drew Endy

July 2013

BBF hosts SB6.0 at Imperial College London

April 2015

BBF initiates bionet project with OpenMTA and BPA v2.0 as legal framework


BioBricks Foundation celebrates 10 years.