The Bio Bricks group would often meet close to the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. The entry way and stairwell of the gallery are constantly marked up by local and visiting graffiti artists.


Telling discontinuous stories about a subject (a gestalt approach towards knowledge) is the prevailing historic method for teaching biological sciences. There is plenty of physics and chemistry involved, but the system has too many pieces, and we are part of it which make things even more complicated. It is a patchwork of stories at different scales and times. Now that biology can be advanced with the tools of programing there is a sense of lack in regards to how narratives of origin should be constructed and told. At the beginning of the 20th Century collage emerged as a way for artists to start accommodating multiple voices, histories, and interpretations of a subject. Collage is a graphic mark up language that allows objects to state their multiple human meanings.