Complete and execute a Contributor Agreement in order to make your standard DNA part(s) free for others to use.

Once you sign the Agreement, you enter into a contract with anyone who has signed or will later sign the User Agreement, which is the corresponding section of the BioBrick™ Public Agreement. To all these Users, you make an irrevocable promise not to assert against them any existing or future intellectual property rights concerning your contributed part. In return, Users agree to abide by the requirements imposed on them by the User Agreement, which you should be sure to read.

Before you contribute a part, ask yourself:

Do you want attribution from Users?
If you want Users to attribute your contribution to you, you can choose that option in the form.

Is there any intellectual property Users should know about?
If you have been granted, or filed for, any intellectual property over the part you are contributing, you can still contribute it. You promise not to assert any of those property rights against Users. Please list the intellectual property you may have (e.g. patent application numbers) as part of the Contributor Agreement.

Are you authorized to enter this Agreement?
Be sure that you have the right to contribute the part in question. If you are a member of a research lab or company, the promise not to assert any existing or future intellectual property against Users may not be yours to make. If you are entering this Contributor Agreement having been authorized by someone (e.g. your lab director or TLO), we will collect that information from you when you sign the Agreement.

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