API Documentation


The BioBrick™ Public Agreement API allows you to query information about BPA Contributor Agreements. It's based on REST principles, making it very easy to write and test applications.

Base URL



To ensure the privacy of the data transmitted, the BPA API is served over https only. All requests to http will be automatically redirected to https.

Your Requests


You'll need to send your API key (a 35-character string, starting with the letters BBF) as part of your request. Append it to the URL as "key=[YOUR API KEY]", e.g.:


Requesting Resources with the HTTP GET Method

You can retrieve a resource by GETting its url. The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste a URL into your web browser's address bar. You can also GET the URL programmatically.

Other REST Methods (Post, Put & Delete)

Currently, we only support HTTP GET. As we develop the API, we may add other methods.

Our Responses


The BioBrick™ Public Agreement REST API returns XML, with a root element of BiobrickPublicAgreementContributions.


We haven't yet implemented JSON, but it's on our road map for future development.

REST Resources

We'll add more resources as we receive feedback from developers on the additional tools they need.